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Every Opportunity To Help A Brother In Need, Especially To Aid The Cause Of God In The Spread Of The Truth, Is A PEARL That You Can Send Beforehand And Deposit In The Bank Of Heaven For Safekeeping. God Is Testing And Proving You. He Has Been Giving His Blessings To You With A Lavish Hand And Is Now Watching To See What Use You Are Making Of Them, To See If You Will Help Those Who Need Help And If You Will Feel The Worth Of Souls And Do What You Can With The Means That He Has Entrusted To You. Every Such Opportunity Improved Adds To Your Heavenly Treasure.
The Love Of Self Has Led You To Prefer Earthly Possessions Even At The Sacrifice Of The Heavenly…. It Is Your Privilege To Exercise Tender Compassion And To Bless Others; But Your Eyes Are So Blinded By The Gods Of This World That You Cannot Discern This Precious Gem—The Blessing To Be Received By Doing Good, “By Being Rich In Good Works, Ready To Distribute, Willing To Communicate, Laying Up For Yourself A Good Foundation Against The Time To Come, That You May Lay Hold On Eternal Life”.

The Long Night Of Watching, Of Toil And Hardship, Is Nearly Past. CHRIST IS SOON TO COME. GET READY. The Angels Of God Are Seeking To Attract You From Yourself And From Earthly Things. Let Them Not Labor In Vain. Faith, LIVING FAITH, Is What You Need; Faith That Works By Love And Purifies The Soul.
Psalms 84:7
They go FROM STRENGTH TO STRENGTH, every one of them IN ZION appeareth BEFORE GOD.
It’s Rather Unfortunate That Many Christians Receive Not The Tokens Of God’s Mercy And Loving-kindness With Thankful Hearts; They Do Not BEND Their ENERGIES And UNITE Their INTERESTS In His Work, And So They DO NOT SHARE In The Blessing That He Is Waiting To Bestow.
There Is A World To Be warned. To Us Has Been Entrusted This Work (The Ministry Of Reconciliation). At Any Cost We MUST Practice The Truth. We Need To Understand Our Work, And To Do It With Fidelity; We Shall Be Greatly Rewarded.
Let Us Not Flatter Ourselves That We Are The Children Of God, When Our Lack Of Christ’s Love Is Made Manifest By Our Indifference To The Souls For Whom He Died.
Church, Let’s #WalkInLOVE
Child Of God, Your Heart Must Be Softened And Made Susceptible To The Influence Of The Spirit Of God, That You May Grow Up Into A Spiritual Temple In Christ. The SAINTS ON EARTH Must Love As Christ Loved, Or They Will Not Be SAINTS IN HEAVEN.
Do Not Listen To The Enemy’s Suggestion To Stay Away From Christ UNTIL You Have Made Yourself Better, UNTIL You Are Good Enough To Come To God. IF YOU WAIT UNTIL THEN YOU WILL NEVER COME. When Satan Points To Your Filthy Garments, Repeat The Promise Of The Saviour, “Him That Cometh To Me I Will In No Wise Cast Out”. Tell The Enemy That THE BLOOD Of Jesus Christ CLEANSES From ALL SIN.
John Chap 6 Verse 37
Behold The Patient Sufferer! Upon His Head Is The Thorny Crown. His Lifeblood Flows From Every Lacerated Vein. All This In Consequence Of Sin! NOTHING COULD HAVE INDUCED CHRIST To Leave His Honor And Majesty In Heaven, And Come To A Sinful World, To Be Neglected, Despised, And Rejected By Those He Came To Save, And Finally To Suffer Upon The Cross, BUT ETERNAL, REDEEMING LOVE, Which Will Ever Remain A Mystery.
Christ, The Precious Son Of God, Was Led Forth, And The Cross Was Laid Upon His Shoulders. At Every Step Was Left Blood Which Flowed From His Wounds. NOW, If Jesus Bore So Much For Us, Why Do We Find It So Difficult To Suffer For Him?