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If You Are Conscious Of Your Sins, Do Not Devote All Your Strength To Mourning Over Them, But LOOK AND LIVE. Jesus Is Our ONLY Saviour; And Although Millions Who Need To Be Healed Will Reject His Offered Mercy, NOT ONE Who Trusts In His Merits Will Be Left To Perish.

Let No One Here Feel That His Case Is Hopeless, For It Is Not. You May See That You Are Sinful And Undone, But It Is Just On This Account That You Need A Saviour And The Lord Jesus Christ Is Forever Available And Eternally Positioned To Save.
Some Christians Feel They Must Be On Probation And Must Prove To The Lord That They Are Reformed Before They Can Claim His Blessing; But These Dear Souls May Claim The Blessing Even Now. They Must Have His Grace, The Spirit Of Christ, To Help Their Infirmities, Or They Cannot Form A Christian Character. JESUS Loves To Have Us Come To Him, JUST AS WE ARE.
God Has Not Been Unmindful Of The Good Deeds, The Self-Denying Acts, Of The Church In The Past (ALL ARE REGISTERED ON HIGH), But This Is Not Enough; It Will Not Save The Church When She Ceases To Fulfill Her Mission. Unless The CRUEL NEGLECT AND INDIFFERENCE Manifested In The Past Shall Cease, The Church, Instead Of Going From Strength To Strength, Will Continue To Degenerate Into Weakness And Formality. Shall We Let This Be?
JESUS Has Not Left You To Be Amazed At The Trials And Difficulties You Meet. He Has Told You All About Them, And He Has Told You Also Not To Be Cast Down And Oppressed When Trials Come. Look To Jesus, Your Redeemer, And Be Cheerful And Rejoice.
John 16 Verse 33 JESUS Is Not Lying In Joseph’s New Tomb, HE HAS RISEN AND HAS ASCENDED To Heaven To INTERCEDE On Our Behalf. We Have A Saviour Who SO LOVED US That He Died For Us, That Through Him We Might Have Hope And Strength And Courage, And A Place With Him Upon His Throne. He Is Able And Willing To Help You WHENEVER YOU CALL UPON HIM.
Dear Able Minister Of The New Testament: JESUS WANTS YOU TO BE HAPPY, To Be Cheerful. He Wants You To Do Your Best With The Ability That God Has Given You And Then Trust The Lord To Help You And To Raise Up Those Who Will Be YOUR HELPERS In Carrying Burdens.

It Is At The Cross Of Calvary That Mercy And Truth Meet Together, Where Righteousness And Peace Kiss Each Other. The Sinner MUST EVER LOOK Toward Calvary; And With The SIMPLE FAITH Of A Little Child, He MUST REST IN THE MERITS OF CHRIST, Accepting HIS Righteousness And Believing In HIS Mercy. That Is When He Is Truly Saved.

What A Loss It Is To The Soul Who Understands The Strong Claims Of The Law, And YET FAILS TO UNDERSTAND The Grace Of Christ Which Doth Much More Abound! It Is True That The Law Of God Reveals The Love Of God When It Is Preached As The Truth In Jesus; For THE GIFT OF CHRIST To This Guilty World MUST BE LARGELY DWELT UPON IN EVERY DISCOURSE. It Is No Wonder That Hearts Have Not Been Melted By The Truth, When It Has Been Presented In A Cold And Lifeless Manner.