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Hebrews 10:25 So do not throw away this confident trust in the Lord. Discouragement is natural, but in the midst of it is something called confidence; that is what God will respond to. 1Peter 2:7 I lay in the church [Jesus]…and he that believes will not be discouraged. God’s blessing on a man(not the acquiring of material things) is connected to the man’s commitment to the word. That you follow every church instruction, that is not commitment; genuine commitment is to the word of God. That you are not committed to preaching Jesus but to him; that you commit irrespective of what you do or face in the journey. God is not man and unlike man, he rewards our commitment to the word and not activities. Romans 10:17 (AMP,MSB) Unless Christ’s word is preached, there is nothing to listen to. The reason for frustration is lack of commitment to God’s word. Note that God’s word here is not the bible. James 1:25 He who is faithful…who obeys, he shall be blessed in his doing (his life of obedience). Be committed to: faithful, persevering and careful looking (that what you read is about Jesus). Be careful that discouragement doesn’t creep in. When your devotion is to the word, even when discouragement comes, you can trust in the ability of the word to see you through whatsoever phase of life you may be walking through. Hold on to God’s word, never forgetting what you have heard and learnt from him.