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God does not require anyone to enter into covenant with him to have anything done. Entering into covenant is a work of ignorance and puts limitation on us who enter into that given covenant- Heb 8:9NIV…because they did not remain true to my covenant, I turned away from them, declares the Lord. Because man had constantly broken covenant, God stopped and rejected man, and Romans 8:3 says he had to send his son Jesus to stand.

Col 3:18 Entry into covenant is based on vainly puffed up inventions of the mind ‘turned into christian practice’ that the devil sees and uses as a means to attack believers. Jesus is the go between and agent of the new covenant, the stabilizing force. God walked out of God that he might enter the covenant we were suppose to enter with him.- heb 9:15. The reason for jesus intersection is that he ever liveth, his presence is the intersection. We must also note that it is not because we entered into any covenant with God that he loves us, but because he chose to. You can’t make God do anything by making covenant yourself because you will keep erring on your part.

Jesus obtained a better ministry by his blood, he is the mediator of a better covenant than the covenant that men make by themselves.
We are the benefactor of a better promise- Rom 4:14-ESV- and Jesus did everything so that no man should boast and so we can possess what his death has brought us. The devil is known to always take advantage of what we don’t know and this is no exception. Instead of entering covenant with God,we should take advantage as sons- 1jn 3:1. The father wasted his love on us. The son does not enter covenant with the father, he takes it; it is his RIGHT. To become is not my resposibility but his who has called me so I must constantly believe him for he will do what he has promised to do. Jesus has made the covenant on our behalf and will guide us through. Instead of struggling, hold on to all Jesus has done and made available for you

Be blessed