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Whatever is allowing you to go through is for your building, your making and not to discourage you. But it is so easy to get discouraged, to think that God is unfair or is perhaps punishing you for a wrong. Mark 1:9-12 Few minutes after declaring his love for Jesus in the river Jordan, the Father sent him to the wilderness to be tempted of the devil, forty days without food or water; and even the devil said to him, ‘..you are the son of God, so why should you be hungry?’ But like Jesus, let us never forget that God is in the details and he knows what we need and what is best for us.

Two major weapons that the devil is using against believers in this last days are: Offence(refusal to forgive) and discouragement (does God care?). The primary aim of discouragement is to make it feel abandoned, that God doesn’t care and we don’t have God’s approval. This is why Paul instructed the Colossians to set their hearts on things above, a translation says set your thoughts on the realities of heaven. Cole:2msg..see things from his perspective. The book of Philippians instructs us to meditate on whatever things are true; that Jesus has abandoned you, does the scripture say this? That he will never come to your side, is it what God has promised in his word? Let your hearts be on whatever things are true, what the lord is actually saying, the truth of God’s word and not the lies of the devil. Refuse to listen to the lies of the devil, hold on to the truth of God’s word, on the realities of his promises and refuse discouragement.

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