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Phillipians 1:14NLT because of my imprisonment, many Christians here have gained confidence…

Verse 29-30NLT..for God has graciously given you the privilege to suffer for him…(and)…you know I’m not giving up.
While others saw prisons and chains and bars, Paul saw a privilege to suffer for Christ.
Paul’s letter to the Philippians was written when he was in prison; so he was talking about the Christians in the prison with him, and possibly their loved ones.

People respond to things differently. While the death of a long one can drive a person far from a relationship with God, it can also bring another person closer to God. The christians in prison with Paul were possibly new converts, leaders in churches and people weak in their faith; seeing Paul (a well known apostles) should have discouraged them; imagine being in a predicament where even those you have admired as strong fall to the ground as you, will that not destroy any hope you have of standing? But Paul said they became confident, and boldly spoke without fear.

I wonder what they saw looking at Paul’s chain that made them confident?

The way the believers saw Paul in chains with them and were encouraged, so should we see Christ in that difficult situation.
He was ridiculed too.. “again and again they struck him…and spit on him. Falling on their knees, they paid [mocking] homage to him” (Mark 15:19). Christ also knew sorrow, loneliness and rejection; know that you are not alone, that Jesus sees what you are going through, feels the pain you feel, and has experienced that situation. Even in that prison, he is there with you: see him in that struggle with you, as the believers saw Paul, and be encouraged!!

Remain blessed