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Matthew 1:18NLT Now this is how Jesus Messiah was born. We all know the story. A virgin engaged got pregnant. Wow!! Imagine it? If Joseph was a friend or a family member and he had asked for your opinion, what would have been your answer?

Verse 19 Then Joseph…not willing to make her a public example. One will think Joseph made a great choice of dismissive Mary privately, but this wasn’t what God wanted. Some translation says that the angel appeared and told him to fear not. So Joseph was afraid of raising a child that wasn’t his? What people will say? Of being kicked out of the synagogue? Whatever it was, he had decided to discard Mary out of fear.

I love the message translation of verse 20, it says..”while he was trying to figure a way out… God gave his answer… Instead of what he had thought and concluded, God gave him a task; vs 21…you are to give him the name Jesus. MSB says you, Joseph, will name him Jesus. Verse 34 When he woke up, he did as he had been commanded. Does this mean there was not a single fear left? I doubt that. But Joseph chose to obey. Verse 19NIV he had in mind to divorce her. But God had something else in mind. This left me wondering; “Can I let go of what I have in mind for what God wants? How willing am I to embrace his answer, letting go of my feelings, fears and reasons just to do what God says. Joseph looked away from what seemed right and chose God’s answer. Can you do the same today?

Happy Jesus Focused weekend. And don’t forget to tell of his love. Remain blessed