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The church is where you are built to face the challenges of life, and what builds the household of God is the truth, not opinions and doctrines. Colossians 1:10MSB As you learn more how God works, you will learn how to do your work. They that do know their God shall renew their strength- this renewal doesn’t just happen by regular church attendance; just as the strength of a plant is not in its height but depth, so it is with our walk with the lord. Colossians 1:10 AMP …fuller, deeper, and clearer insight, acquaintance ( there are things that cling to and relate with and recognise you because of your depth in Christ. Verse 11..to exercise every kind of endurance and patience as you sink your roots deeper in the lord. Note that God will respond to you based on your knowledge of him. In the book of Phillipians, Paul said in chapter 3 that before he knew God, his desire and zeal was to persecute the church; but that changed when he met the truth, he could now say that his desire and determined purpose (chapter 3:10amp) was to be intimately acquainted with Christ. Grow in the grace of knowing him-this is how we build stability and strength. Until you come to the point of experience, you can’t say you know him. You know God is good. Why? Because the preacher said so. But what have you experienced that can make you boldly say: “I’ve seen God come through for me and can say that he is indeed a good God, I have experienced his goodness.” But we are often in a hurry to come out of of an experience that we go through it and never learn a dimension of God in it. John 17:3GNT And eternal life means to know…Jesus whom you sent. A personal relationship with him is how you attain eternal life. Can the lord speak to your heart? Can you hear him in the noise and draw strength from him? That is personal relationship- getting excited in the spirit even when you feel like throwing in the towel.

As we grow in the knowledge of him, there are things we discard, like beliefs, anxieties, uncertainties…like fetters they fall off and we can grow to a point of stability. That you boldly say: “Every part of my life is already written by God so I can live from a place of confidence, knowing that he is in charge.

God bless you!! Wishing you a wonderful month of September