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To a lot this sounds strange. He’s a pastor, God has got him covered so why should I pray for him? Yet when they go through trials and difficulties we wonder why it happens.

Matthew 26:41 Watch and Pray. But Jesus, why should we pray? You know what Jesus’ reason was? He said, “watch and pray so that you enter not into temptation” some translation uses the word ‘fall’. You see, prayer is a preventive measure, you pray so that when those temptations come, you are able to stand above it in victory. Not praying after you have entered, but praying so you don’t enter. So you see, maybe that pastor went through that ordeal because no one prayed for him. Why should we pray for them?

First, for the sake of the work: 1Thess 5 Paul was speaking here… remember it’s the same Paul that claimed he spoke in tongues and even prayed more than others, a man who had interacted with God on deeper levels. Yet here he wrote in verse 12-13, “honor those who are your leaders…for the sake of the work.” Then in verse 25 he says, “pray for us.” So that like Christ these people can stand before God and say they have finished the work.

Second, for the adversary sake: 2Thess 3:1-2 brothers pray for us…that we may be delivered from wicked and evil men. We know our adversary is the devil, but just as God needs a body to operate on earth, so those the devil. And we know he will give and do anything to see the work of God in ruins, so he uses men. Most times these men are not strangers but people on the household of faith. We know a lot of stories of how men of God have been brought down by one controversy in the church or another.

So please, the next time you write a list of prayers, don’t forget to add your pastors. Let’s not just go to them with our troubles, seeking prayers and counsels; these people are humans and need our prayers too. Also, before you condemn a pastor’s action or even that of a fellow believer, stop to ask yourself if you have ever prayed for them.