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Matthew 13 Some fell on rocky path, some by the wayside, some among thorns, others on good soil. Same seed, same sower. Didn’t he waste the seed? Why didn’t he just go to the good soil and plant it? It’s why the preacher will give the message to all and the bible say we are inexcusable.

The ones on the wayside seem to be doing well until the birds come. The ones on the stony places even grow until the sun comes. The one among thorns also grows until the thorns sprung up and choked it. Does it mean nothing threatened the growth of the one on the good soil? When the crops on good soil begins to grow, the birds come around, but this time, everytime they touch it, they only help in grow, helping in its pollination. The bird doesn’t go with the intention of helping it grow, it goes to suck nectar from it but by so doing, helps in its pollination. When the sun comes up, the shoot of the tree on good soil even move in the direction of the sun because it aids in its respiration and because it’s root is deep in the ground receiving nutriebts, the sun doesn’t dry it up. Also if it has thorns around it, when these thorns grow round it, it doesn’t affect the tree from growing, it’s leaves rather act as shelter for the thorns.

So when troubles and persecution comes, it doesn’t run from it, it draws strength from it instead because it is deeply rooted. It is in this way that we as Christians are to respond to life. It’s not that the one on good soil never faced challenges, but because of how deeply it rooted itself, it grow in spite of the challenges. Because we have Christ who is our substance, the under of our stand, we can stand through all.