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These things look normal but they are destructive, we do then ask the time but that are silent killers. Romans 8:13NLT If you live by it’s dictates, you will die…

A lot of believers are long dead and are yet involved in many church activities. Whosoever dictates you follow is the commander of your life, so when we do those things that seem right to us, they silently kill us. How does one know he is silently dying?

1. Decreasing appetite: When hearing God’s word no longer appeals to him, and a man looks for reasons to ignore the word of God, then he is dying. Psalm 119:11MSB says, “…I won’t sin myself bankrupt.” The word sin there means ignorant, so the psalmist was saying I won’t out of ignorance, become bankrupt, empty or dead. The only thing that can secure and give balance in trying times is the word of God, so we must hold on and not lose it.

2. Sleep: When a man begins to sleep spiritually, it’s a sign of death. Here, the devil takes you on a long journey and if you are not careful, you won’t get out of it. Acts 20:9 As Paul spoke on and on, a young man began to sleep, and even when he was falling, he didn’t know. Romans 13:11 MSB says, “But make sure you don’t get so absorbed that you dose off, oblivious to God. (Amp).. it’s high time now for you to wake up from your sleep…(1Cor 15:34MSb)…think straight, awaken to the holiness of life. You can’t do this when you are sleeping. Eph 5:14 says awake thou that sleepeth, because until you arise, the lord will not give you light. Stand up in prayer and be alert or the devil will make a mess of your thoughts and your life. Proverbs 20:13 says, ‘don’t be too fond of sleep, you will end up in the poor house.’

Less Jesus-Focused: His problem becomes more important to him than his maker. What is growing in you? What has taken root at the center of your thoughts? John 3:30MSB says, ‘let it slide to the center.’ In Matthew 10:39, Jesus says that if we forget ourselves and look to him, then we will gain both ourselves and him, but when your focus moved to yourself, you take away the room the lord centers.

Confused: Any moment you become confused about your faith, you are heading towards death. (Most times this happens when what we are asking God for has not come). If you are not balanced, inconsistent with God’s word, and you let things away you, it’s a sign that you are dying.

Know that whatsoever you go through, Jesus is a part of it. Paul celebrated his suffering knowing that he wasn’t alone in it. It’s not me to prove that God is God, I must let him take me through this journey and discard confusing and contradictory thoughts: knowing that God is aware. We must therefore be careful not to let things deprive us our stand with God nor destroy the confidence we have in him.