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Life in general is full of frustration and subjection for the man who does not understand his place in Christ yet refers to himself as a child of God. Subjection is one of the devils tactics to put us in a place where movement in life becomes difficult.

Let’s look through the life of a woman in the bible as she shows us how to handle issues when we are faced with frustration, having Jesus as the center of our salvation. The bible doesn’t tell her name, it gives her an identity- “the woman with the issue of blood” This woman was a victim of tradition and religion.
Tradition takes hold of a man and puts him in subjection while religion in turn controls him – lev 15:19-32-KJV

Using this woman as a case study: Mk 5:24-34
1. She had a sickness
2. Her sickness gave her a situation
3. She needed a solution – she followed
4, In search of a solution she suffered and spent all
Because her searching was towards the wrong place, it came with suffering and waste.
Most times in the challenges of life our attention are drawn to material things which we have as part of what we call destiny. In the bid of trying to get solution, we put our hopes in our connections and achievements which in all cases are frustrating and disappointing.
5. Resolution brings solution- she heard reports concerning Jesus. The question is what kind of reports did she hear about Jesus? –
Acts 10:38- AMP, MSG; Lk 4:18-MSG
Resolutions powered by hearing the truth about Jesus helps you open your eyes to the realms of possibilities and helps you take decisions that all men can’t understand. It helps you break loss from the powers of traditions and religiosity.
Resolutions powered by hearing Jesus helps you to break away from norms and build your confidence in the person you have heard about.
6. There is always an activation towards the positive side when it is CONCERNING JESUS. V.29-34- MSG

And she kept following and would have continued if she hadn’t touch him then, she was determined to break free from what has kept her in subjection for years. A friend will always say, ‘if Jesus doesn’t touch you today, make sure you touch him’ and that’s what this woman did; she couldn’t remain subjected, she had to keep pursuing- sure she must have been frustrated many times in her life; maybe she even saw this time with Jesus as the last trial and maybe pushed herself through the crowd with her last strength, but she wasn’t going to stop until she had touched him.

How long has it held you bound? How often do you sit alone and wonder if God sees or is even interested in your matter? I have been there. Trusted God for healing for years and even became subject to the lie that he will never heal me, that he doesn’t care. But someone thought me to see the little miracles everywhere, in my life, in that if others and that just as bondage mostly starts from the mind, freedom from frustration and subjection starts there too. So brethren, speak the truth of God’s word, refuse to be subjected and pursue the lord relentlessly.

What have you heard about Jesus? What do you trust that he will do? Go out in faith today and refuse to be subjected

Happy new year!!! Remain blessed..Have a Jesus centered week