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1. Complaining: Phil 2:14 Do everything without arguing. There is an edge around you, but the destroyer gains entrance into your space when you complain and murmur. 1Cor 10:10 it is very destructive. 2. Compromise your faith: Some get discouraged to the point of moving away from where the Lord has placed them and even conclude their situation when God has not concluded it. Phil 4:6NLT Tell Good what you need, and thank him for all he has done. Don’t allow anything trouble you or make you compromise your faith in God. 3. World’s conformity: Rom 12:2 MSB Don’t fit into this world’s deed without thinking. If your thinking it’s not correct, your o won’t be either. Allow Christ fill your thoughts and bring the best in you, and don’t let anyone or anything discourage you and make you turn to the world’s patterns and culture. 4. Self dis-fellowship: 1John 2:19..but they withdrew. The devil makes it believe his lies and sets discouragement in our hearts by making those around us do things that hurt or offend us; causing us to draw back and away from fellowshipping with others. In John 6, Jesus was speaking to about 500 people, but towards the end of his message, many left and only twelve remained- verse 67. This didn’t stop Jesus from preaching the truth, nor did it cause him to give up on the ministry God had given him. Also Judas betrayed him, planned his arrest, the disciples fled and Peter denied him, but still he appeared to the disciples after he rose.

Don’t allow the interpretations of the devil concerning any matter. Remember God will not give you more than he can handle. It is his work, trust him, refuse to be discouraged, and see him do it. God is in the details. God bless you by all means