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Every one is here for a reason…I have raised up Pharaoh so that you will see my wrath…Eph 2:10. Because God’s purpose cannot be denied or deleted, God preserves the man on assignment for him: but he can be replaced if he refuses to fulfill destiny like Abraham and his father.
Genesis 11:31 Abraham’s father, Terah set out on a journey to Canaan (fulfilling God’s plan) but along the way, he settled at Haran; so God continued the journey with the son Abraham.
No matter how fast you are doing what you are not called to do, you will be disqualified.
If God has sent you on an assignment, be assured that he will take care of the provision.

Prov 27:8 Your purpose is your nest, your place of assignment. To be comfortable outside your purpose is stupidity. David was assured that he was in God’s will, so he was assured of safety and stayed in front of Goliath. In the place of his purpose he didn’t struggle, but was motivated.

But we are assigned to do the good work God has already set us to do
Our purpose is our essence and our reason; if you have not aligned with your position, you won’t access God’s provision. The assurance that your life is safe and secured is that you continually work in God’s plan and purpose… knowing that because he lives you can face every tomorrow

It is your place of flourishing and fruitfulness. Psalm 92:13 says, ‘they that dwell in the house of the Lord will flourish in his courts’.
It is also your place of divine peace- Isaiah 26:3 he shall keep in perfect peace every one whose heart is stayed in their place.

Acts 2:24 the ministry which I have received of the Lord Jesus, to testify the gospel of the grace of God. Paul knew he couldn’t die before he fulfills his destiny. No devil can kill a man that God has not finished with. Your success is not tied to a particular location or a business, but in your place of assignment..stay in your place of purpose and allocation will find you there.
Insist this day on God’s purpose for your life