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Special Message From My Spiritual Father
The Rock Star
Apostle Victor James
#ThePATRIARCH himself

Romans 14:12-13
So then every one of us shall give account of himself to God. Let us not therefore judge one another any more: but judge this rather, that no man puts a stumbling block or an occasion to fall in his brother’s way.

2 Corinthians 5:10
For we must all stand before Christ to be judged. We will each receive whatever we deserve for the good or evil we have done in this earthly (human) body.

You may abuse me, call me all kinds of names, it won’t make any difference to me. But remember you will give account of all your words and actions on that day!!

You don’t believe in TITHING, because you ask “where it is written in the New Testament?” The percentage regardless? But you forget to ask yourself where is it written “thou shalt not tithe again” in the New Testament? See how the devil has succeeded in manipulating ministers of the Gospel to fight the spread of the same Gospel they said the Lord has called them to preach? It’s a shame! You have left evangelism, all you do on social media is to discourage those men and women who are supporting the spread of the Gospel in whatever ways they feel pleased to do, either by way of giving 10% or whatever percentage as the Lord blessed them. Who bewitched you?

You say that in the New Testament our giving hould be 100% and freewill. Hello, I totally agree with you (but you know you are a very stingy person)! Since your new revelation and conviction, when last did you give your whole salary for the GOSPEL? When was the last time you gave the church your possessions as they did in the book of Acts of the Apostles? When actually was the last time you gave to your man or woman of God? Or are you not suppose to share your physical possessions with the ones who taught you spiritual things?

It is sad to say that through your words and actions you have aligned yourself with the operations of the spirit of the Anti-Christ against the Church of God in these last days. And by doing so you are discouraging the hearts of those who are joyfully sponsoring with their tithes and offerings, Christian TV Stations where Christ is being preached (whatever the percentage) until the spirit of the Anti-Christ brought you along to discourage the spread of the Gospel. To you I say WELL DONE! CONGRATULATIONS!! Go on, keep doing what you are doing, your day is coming, and very soon. May the Lord charge it to your account in that day everyone’s heart you have discouraged from their giving to the work of God.

A certain minister told me how some people have successfully discouraged the hearts of some men and women who were sponsoring their village to village meetings in the deep riverine areas with their message of “there’s no need to tithe in the New Testament”. May the blood of everyone who should have heard the Gospel but didn’t hear it because of your “nonsense” be called against you on that day. It is the GOSPEL you are called to preach and not to discourage the heart of the brethren to sponsor it.

As anointed and knowledgeable as the Apostles were in the things of God regarding the New Testament, especially Apostle Paul, not once did Paul preach against tithing.

If you are a minister, a pastor, and you have been brainwashed into discouraging your members from giving into the work of God in your hand in the name of “no tithe in the New Testament,” shame on you! My question to you is “who bewitched you?” The person or people you are following are collecting tithes steadily from their folks (members) without making any noise about it. While you-in your small ‘God-knows what you are doing-‘ are busy “running around” on social media posing to have a new revelation.

Majority of the ministers who owns TV station(s) that I know of got most of the huge amount they used to start the TV station from the Tithe members gave them. Honestly, who brainwashed and bewitched you? God is trying to help your ministry by putting money in the hands of your spiritual children, and now they can’t exercise themselves beyond 10%, shouldn’t you encourage them in it until by reason of use they can give 100%.

My dear minister, can’t you see you are the “mugu” here. Everybody is doing exploit for Jesus, which is the sign of the grace of God upon their lives and calling, but look at you, all you have to show for being in the kingdom is to come on free FaceBook page to talk nonsense. All your own revelation does is to cause division and strife on social media. Who exactly are you evangelising? I’m sorry for you, you are neither here nor there.

Stay where you are and keep discouraging the message of giving instead of doing what you are called to do. Because of you, the church is doing less in her outreaches due to your Anti-Christ-spirit-influenced-teachings. My question to you is, “does God approve the kind of DIVISION you have successfully caused in the Body of Christ? Did he send you to do it?” You don’t have to answer me. Just remember, the day of the Lord Jesus is at hand, you will answer for all your Anti-Christ actions.

I love you, but please watch what you are doing to the BODY of Christ.

To be continued…

The Rock Star
Apostle Victor James