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Quit being naughty towards spiritual things, otherwise you will eventually set yourself at naught.

Do you know that with your mouth you can come out of whatever is is you are uncomfortable with at the moment??!!Proverbs 18:20

You cannot reap from a seed you keep holding unto until you sow it. 2 Corinthians 9:10
When Jesus sets your table he consequently makes you able to withstand the enemies of your new realm of pleasurable experience!Psalms 23:5 Those who are perfumed with the fragrance of the blessings of redemption in Christ don’t fume over the success of other people! With a new heart you can hear the voice of the shepherd and demonstrate the act of his divine essence!

If you yield to the ministry of the Holy Spirit, he will teach you how to wield the power of authority given us- the worthy name of Jesus!!