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We all hoped he was the one who will redeem Israel, but 3 days ago he was sentenced to death… Luke 24:21. The disciples followed Jesus hoping he was the Messiah who will defeat and win over Israel from the Romans, but God had something else in mind. The didn’t want him to die but he did. How disappointed they must have been to see him on the cross and buried; the bible says Pilate was even surprised to hear that Jesus was dead, till the end, many hoped that God will perhaps bring Jesus from the cross, they didn’t expect him to die, but it was his way of not just redeeming Israel but the whole world.

Do you have a wrong conception about God?What do we do or how do we react if what we expect of him differs from what he does? The disciples didn’t expect him to be captured and they ran away few minutes after they promised to stay till the end. It is easy to believe God when everything is going according to our plans, but when it doesn’t happen, doubts and disappointments set in. What do you expect from him? Know that the lord has even better plans and his ways are best. Will you choose the way of the lord? Will you say, “Lord, when I don’t understand, I’ll choose to trust that you know best and what you give is best, I choose the way of the Lord.”