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If Jonathan had kept the understanding that the grace was on David and had left his father Saul, he would not have died. You must come to understand who to stand with in life. There is a calling, bringing us together to establish the reign of Jesus.But God does not require anyone to enter into covenant with him to have anything done. Entering into covenant is a work of ignorance and it puts limitation on us who enter into that given covenant Heb 8:9… they did not remain faithful to my covenant and I turned away from them. Man has constantly broken covenant therefore God stopped and rejected man. And because man could not keep covenant, God brought Jesus to stand on the gap for us.
Entry into covenant attracts the attack of the devil; covenant entry is based on vainly puff up by his fleshly mind, invention of one’s mind turned into christain practice.
Because God does not want it, he entered into covenant with himself. Heb 2:24AMP Jesus is the go between and agent of the new covenant, the stabilizing force. God stepped out of God that he might enter the covenant we were suppose to enter with him. The death of jesus and his resurrection is powered by an eternal order. Heb 9:15. The reason for Jesus’ intersection is that we may receive the promised eternal inheritance.
Heb 8:6 Jesus obtained a better ministry by his blood. He is the mediator of a better covenant than the covenant than men make by themselves. And we are the benefactors of a better promise- Rom 4:14ESV God did everything so that no man should boast, Jesus did everything so that we can collect what his death has brought us.

Note that the devil will always take advantage of what we don’t know concerning our rights.

1Thess 5:18- if we want to be benefactors we must learn to give thanks.
Col 1:12 -ESV- we have been qualified to share so then we must give him thanks.we don’t look for qualification by activities, we do it by thanksgivings.
Instead of entering into covenant with God, we should take advantage as sons. The son does not enter covenant with the father, he takes it, it’s his right!
Heb 13:21AMP to become is not my resposibility but of he who has called me, so I must constantly believe him for he will do what he has promised to do.
Luke 6:35 God is kind to the wicked and evil. So he desires that all men should saved.

Apostle Victor James